How do you follow up after being waitlisted? (2023)

How long does it take to hear back from waitlist?

Waitlist acceptances often roll out gradually throughout May, June, July, and sometimes even August right before the school year starts. Of course, not everyone on the waitlist will be admitted. In fact, some colleges might admit just a few students or even none at all one year!

How do I email after being waitlisted?

What should I include in a letter of continued interest?
  1. An expression of gratitude for being deferred/waitlisted (Think positive—you're still in the running!)
  2. A statement about your continued interest in the school.
  3. An acknowledgment that the school is your first choice (if this is true)

Should I send an email after being waitlisted?

Writing a letter of continued interest does more than tell the school to keep you on the waitlist. It can also highlight your recent accomplishments. And the letter might even improve your chances of getting off the waitlist.

What do you email a school after being waitlisted?

Begin with “Dear [the name of the college admissions officer you are writing to]”. Try to avoid cliches such as “to whom it may concern” Then, say thank you for the consideration in the form of a waitlist or deferral. Explain that you are still interested and that this school is your first choice.

How do I ask for waitlist status?

Just call and ask, or send an email. They probably get a lot of those calls, and rest assured they won't consider it rude.

Is waitlist basically a rejection?

What is waitlisted, and why does it happen? Getting waitlisted from a college is being put in between an acceptance and a rejection. You have neither gained admission nor been denied acceptance. However, that waitlist always turns into either an acceptance or rejection.

Should you wait if you get waitlisted?

Put down an enrollment deposit

If you're waitlisted, don't wait on a final decision before making your move elsewhere. Waitlist timelines are arbitrary and a final decision on your application can take weeks.

Should I email a school if I'm waitlisted?

Keep Communication Open. If you really want to attend a school that waitlisted you, communicate that message quickly and clearly. Write a letter or email and ask that it be included in your file. You should state in no uncertain terms (assuming you mean it) that if you are accepted, you will without question attend.

How often do waitlisted get accepted?

Among all colleges that use a waitlist, about 20 percent of students who choose to remain on the waitlist are admitted. At the most selective colleges, only 7 percent are admitted.

What time do waitlist decisions come out?

Acceptances off the waitlist are frequently distributed gradually during May, June, and July, and perhaps even August just before the start of the school year. Naturally, not every applicant on the waiting list will be accepted. In fact, a college might only accept a handful or even no students in one year!

How often do Waitlisted get accepted?

Among all colleges that use a waitlist, about 20 percent of students who choose to remain on the waitlist are admitted. At the most selective colleges, only 7 percent are admitted.

How often do Waitlisted people get accepted?

Colleges typically finalize waitlist offers by June 1, but the process can extend into the summer. Nationally, about 20% of students who accepted waitlist spots were eventually admitted.

What percent of waitlisted students get accepted?

Princeton had a 4.38% acceptance rate and 78.32% yield. They waitlisted 3.36% of applicants, and ultimately accepted 15% of waitlisted students who accepted a spot on the list.
Waitlist Statistics.
SchoolWaitlist Admission RateOverall Admission Rate
University of Michigan0.5%20.15%
3 more rows

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